Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1 Lessons Learnt From Ephesians

    2. Lesson 1 Notes Lessons learnt from Ephesians

    3. Lesson 1 Quiz

    4. Lesson 2. How To Receive God's Love

    5. Lesson 2. Notes How to receive God's Love

    6. Lesson 3. Seeing Yourself As God Sees You

    7. Lesson 3. Notes Seeing yourself as God sees you

    8. Lesson 4. How To Receive Your Inheritance

    9. Lesson 4. Notes How to receive your Inheritance

    10. Lesson 5. Seated With Christ

    11. Lesson 5. Notes Seated with Christ

    12. Lesson 6. How To Trust God

    13. Lesson 6. Notes How to Trust God

    14. Lesson 7. Walking In Your Identity - 1

    15. Lesson 7. Notes Walking in your Identity I

    16. Lesson 8. Walking In Your Identity II

    17. Lesson 8. Notes Walking in your Identity II

    18. Lesson 8 Quiz

    19. Lesson 9: Redeeming The Time

    20. Lesson 9. Notes Redeeming the Time

    21. Lesson 9 Quiz

    22. Lesson 10. Praying More And Effectively

    23. Lesson 10. Notes Praying More and Effectively

About this course

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  • The Book of Ephesians has been called Paul's third heaven epistle' and the 'Alps of the New Testament.' It is rich concerning the believer's position in Christ and how that position plays out in our walk.


Instructor Bank Akinmola

Bank Akinmola is the Visionary Architect and President of Global Outreach Missions, comprised of Global Outreach Church, T3 Workplace Ministry, Love Outreach Missions, Harvesting The Nations, INC., and the founder of Global Outreach School of Ministry. He has served the body of Christ for over twenty-seven years. A deep passion for missions has enabled Bank to organize outreaches to many nations. Without a doubt, God has placed an anointing and passion for missions on him, a passion that has infected all who have come in contact with him and driven him to train over 150 missionaries who currently serve in various nations around the world. In 2013, Bank came into the revelation of the amazing never-ending love of God as revealed through His grace for humanity. He desires to see our community and the world come to this same revelation. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is not in the abandoning business: No matter what! God is fully committed to those who trust Him. In everything he does, Bank’s desire is that it leads towards one single name…JESUS. Bank and his wife, Sharon, live in Bethlehem, Georgia. They are blessed with three children and numerous grandchildren. [email protected]